Extenda Stops Brown


Pellet-Stopper, hauptsächlich zum Stoppen von Pellets vorgesehen. Sie eignen sich ideal zum Stoppen von Pellets, Proteinbällchen sowie anderen Karpfenködern. Englischer Name: Pellet-Boilie Stops.

Farbe: Braun

Im Paket: 1 Stück.

Availability: Vorrätig SKU: UC202

5 Bewertungen für Extenda Stops Brown

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    I’ve been using them since they came on the market and I really like them. First class stoppers

  2. 5 von 5

    Kamil Strojny

    I also use them from the very beginning, I came to add an opinion because I just need to order some 😀
    Greetings product revelation

  3. 5 von 5


    Very good product as well as others and of course very good price.

  4. 4 von 5


    Very cool stopwatches, good that you have introduced other colours because I definitely missed the transparent one but I see that as a novelty for 2019 they have appeared in the offer 🙂

  5. 5 von 5


    A classic, I love them, price extra like most of your products on the shop.

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