Rubber Bead Green


Der Tapered Bore Bead wurde speziell für Durchgangskomponenten von Endgame entwickelt. Wird hauptsächlich für Durchgangssets verwendet, bei denen es als Stopper die Durchgangselemente unseres Sets blockiert.

grüne Farbe

Größe:4,6,8 mm 


SKU: n. v.

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    What sizes of beads do you use most often? And for which sets thanks for your help and hints.

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    I often put these beads on my leadcor and they lock the clip securely

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    Very nice beads at a small price and such a quantity in the package.

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    After using these beads, I find that the kits are less likely to collide with each other

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    The colour could be a little darker, not so shiny, at least that’s how it came out in the photos you added.

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    Cool is the kit in your photo, mega you have executed it.

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    They always give eng a name: Tapered Bore Bead and it is hard to find. It is nice that you call it in Polish. I use it to protect knots. When casting, when there are big overloads, it works great on my sets.

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