Bait Hair Stops Soft Brown


Boiliestopper aus hochwertigstem Material sollen Köder auf ihrem Rig stoppen. Sie eignen sich perfekt für Boilies,Tigernüsse, Pellets und andere harte Köder.

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7 Bewertungen für Bait Hair Stops Soft Brown

  1. 4 von 5


    Good because silicone, although some people certainly prefer plastic.

  2. 5 von 5


    Good color often stops yellow and pink balls with it.

  3. 5 von 5


    Nice silicone soft material so far I only use these to stop the balls.

  4. 5 von 5


    A nice price for these stoppers compared to the carp market and there are some in this pack.

  5. Lukasz

    Flexible ones are the best.

  6. 4 von 5


    Personally, when I choose, I take rubber ones instead of plastic ones. You can pull into a ball better. Although everyone prefers it the way they want it.

  7. 5 von 5


    Rubber stopwatches always come first for me.

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