Helicopter Bead Brown


Er wurde für die Herstellung von Helikopter-Montagen sowie Chod-Rig-Montagen entworfen. Das harte Gummi, aus dem das Perlenstück gefertigt ist, schützt zusätzlich unsere Hauptleine während des Anbisses und des Karpfen-Drills.

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    Maybe some interesting post about what are the advantages and disadvantages of such a helicopter bead?

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    Adam Kułaga

    Good quality product on the leadcor passively moves – that’s the point in such a good price you can take without any problem.

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    Last season I caught a lot of fish on chod using these beads.

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    Nice hard material but not hard like plastic perfect for my fishing and application

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    I used one at a time, not like on your kits, and it worked just as well.

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    My favourite product !!!

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    Nice product for the price, great that you finally listened and added a picture of how the product is put on because not everyone knows what else to buy for such a ready-made set, so nice.

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    Perfect midrange, moves nicely on the leadcor.

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    Cool this bead for a helicopter kit is perfect. However, remember that this one is cool for leadcore whether with or without a core.

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    It is always used by me.

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