Carp Hooks Teflon CHODDY Barbless


Choddy sind Haken, die hauptsächlich für steife Vorfächer aus Fluorocarbon gedacht sind. Wird am häufigsten in Chod-Rig- und Stiff-Rig-Vorfächern verwendet. Durch die Form des Hakens ist es sehr einfach, Fische an Fluorcarbon-Vorfächern zu haken. Mit antireflektierendem Teflon überzogene Haken.

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    How much I waited for these hooks, I bought them from you as soon as they appeared in stock and I can say that I am positively satisfied. I have been using your hooks with barb for 3 years and they never let me down. Now I was on a commercial fishing in Koblov, where it is necessary to have a barbless and they passed the test. My friend and I were fishing for 6 days in total. We had more than 20 carp on the mat with 24 bites. We had 4 pinches, but it is difficult to say what was the cause 100% or a weak strike or something else. I have to say that all the bites were on 3 rods and I didn’t change the hooks for new ones, probably out of laziness as I don’t like having to change and build a set from scratch.

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