Bait Floss Caps Clear


Spezialkappen zur Verwendung in Kombination mit Bait Floss. Wenn Sie die Stopper verwenden, müssen Sie sich nicht um das Verknoten des Fadens kümmern, sondern verwenden einfach unsere Stopper und verbrennen den Faden mit einem Feuerzeug.

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    Transparent is best.

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    It’s great that you added this instructional video on how to floss. Have you tried regular floss like for teeth? Only it seems to be flavoured and I don’t know if that won’t be its disadvantage hehe. But it is not expensive so you can buy it in a carp shop.

  3. zawiasik

    Cool cool cool, 2 balls and a cool looking set on thread.

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    For me, the transparent ones are universal, whether I take a fluo ball or a ball of different colours, it is not noticeable. I used to buy everything according to colour, now I prefer universal ones. I have order in my pencil case and less money spent.

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    Floss Caps are pretty cool. For that, just floss: and we are all set. Somehow, in my opinion, it is no different from other brands.

  6. Kamil

    An interesting solution I have never tried. Remember to buy for this:

  7. 5 von 5


    Best quality.

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