Quick Change Carp Swivel Size 8


Der Schnellwechsel-Karpfenwirbel ermöglicht uns einen extrem schnellen Vorfachwechsel. In Situationen, in denen wir häufig unsere Vorfächer wechseln, wird es perfekt funktionieren. Kompatibel mit unseren End-Kit-Komponenten.

Größe: 8

Availability: Vorrätig SKU: UC55

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    ok product.

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    This is my favorite quick release from the swivel . You still have the second position with a clip I see, but I haven’t used it so far. This quick connector for carp works perfectly for me. Nothing has ever happened to it. It does not bend and it is not shiny.

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    Mateusz Okonek

    The basis of every carp angler’s equipment, strong, matt and quick to change leader.

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    Good non-bending swivels I’ve been using since the beginning.

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    I can’t imagine carping without these quickdraws. No reflective glare, the perfect size to fit secure clips and quick leader changes simply the perfect swivel without which I can’t imagine building a set.

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    Good price, can’t see my sets without them, hauled some beautiful carp around 20kg
    5 stars

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    Very good product
    3 stars for out of stock :/ :/ / waiting for delivery

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    Is it possible to know when this will be on the shop?

    • Undercarp (Verifizierter Besitzer)

      Already available 🙂

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