Quick Change Bead Clear


Wird hauptsächlich in den sogenannten Bodensets verwendet. Method Feeder, bei dem es als Gummistopfen und Knotenabdeckung dient und einen schnellen und einfachen Austausch der Vorfächer ermöglicht.

transparente Farbe

10 Stück pro Packung

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    I use it for method, I don’t know if it is used in carp sets, does anyone know? I am just asking out of curiosity.

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    I also use it in the method.

  3. 5 von 5


    My biggest carp hauled so far using these pear beads is almost 10 kg.

  4. 5 von 5


    I use for the method nice transparent color perfectly masks by the basket.

  5. 4 von 5


    Some of the best on the market. Drenan quality, and very low price compared to them.

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    4/5 rating.

  7. towarek

    And a great product. High five from me.

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    Whenever I have to choose an accessory colour, I always choose the transparent ones. In my opinion they look best in water. I know that in silt or sand they don’t do so well, but for me they do just that, full stop.

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