Maggot Clip


Ein spezieller Clip für Würmer aus dünnem Draht. Wir können auch andere Lebendköder am Clip befestigen. Eine sehr wirksame Lösung für vorsichtige und träge Karpfen.

10 Stück pro Packung

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    Thanks to this solution I won the competition. I take a few white worms and “kilo” them a bit, i.e. I roll them on my hand so that they don’t move, and then I gently hook them on a wire. I throw the whole set with the method in a specific place and I get a lot of bites this way

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    Bartek Łazarz

    Well suited for white worms because the wire simply does not break them, they maintain their freshness for a long time

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    I often use these clips for method fishing in smaller sizes of course.

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    Just what I needed, several sizes and a good quality product at good prices

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    In my pond there are no small fish and it’s great for carp and gras carp.

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    If there are not too many minnows, breams or other small fish, you can use it, otherwise it is a waste of time.

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    I sometimes give besides a ball, always when something moves it attracts smaller and bigger fish. I think that’s the point, to make a noise

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