Leadcore 10m/45lbs Brown


Es sinkt sehr schnell und haftet perfekt am Grund, so dass vorsichtige Karpfen nicht am Endstück des Rigs reiben. Der in der Mitte des Bleikerns verhindert den Abrieb der Schnur beim Einholen und schützt den Fisch vor Beschädigungen. Die matte Beschichtung des Leadcore-Geflechts macht es am Grund des Angelplatzes praktisch unsichtbar.

Braun Farbe

Stärke 45 Pfund

Länge 10 m

Availability: Vorrätig SKU: UC93

7 Bewertungen für Leadcore 10m/45lbs Brown

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    Quite decent, I can’t complain about it, it hasn’t let me down so far. Probably one of the cheapest on the market and here I praise its price. As I never comment, so this time I made an exception hehe

    • undercarp

      We strive to make sure our products never let you down. We are aware that it is not easy.

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    This is probably your top product? When I am not shopping you have it out of stock which is a bit sad. When can you expect delivery?

    • Mateusz Strzelecki

      Hello, all shortages will be available in our store from January. Maximum end of January, beginning of February, We apologize for this situation

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    Very good product, the price is too low for such material but I will not complain 😀

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    Mateusz Okonek

    It fits very well to the bottom, protects my set from mussels, rocks on the bottom and masks itself very nicely
    I can easily give 5 stars.

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    When will it be available? I want to do some shopping and I can’t

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    I would like to order a self-locking bead but I don’t know what diameter to choose to make it fit.

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    dawidmenzyk8 (Verifizierter Besitzer)

    I highly recommend this product, the price is attractive

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