Kwick Change Drop Off Line Swivel


Der Wirbel mit Schnellwechselclip ermöglicht einen blitzschnellen Austausch der Vorfächer beim Angeln. Der Clip, verbunden mit dem Wirbel, bildet ein Gelenk, das die Präsentation unseres Sets im Wasser erheblich verbessert.

Größe: 8

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    I recently switched to these swivels, so far nothing bad has ever happened to me. Once in a package I had only one defective, but after sending a photo to undercarpia I got a new package with the next order 🙂

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    I bought it out of curiosity with a view to a very natural presentation of lures, i.e. one where the lure will have freedom of movement and this set turned out to be a bull’s eye.

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    A good quality product I have managed to catch a few carp over 12kg and the swivels have not let me down.

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    A very nice patent for the presentation of leaders, they are durable and matt so they do not reflect light in the water
    5 stars.

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