Heli /Chod Bead Brown


Es wurde für die Herstellung von Helikopter- und Chod-Rigs entwickelt. Das Hartgummi, aus dem die Perle besteht, schützt unsere Hauptschnur zusätzlich beim Anbeißen und Einholen von Karpfen.

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    Can someone show me or write a step by step instruction where they show how to make such a zesatwith this bead? I bet you a beer when we meet on fishing one day 🙂

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    Cool bead quality hard brown rubber fits perfectly with brown leadcors.

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    I’ve been fishing with these beads for about two years now and I’m mega happy with some beautiful fish I’ve managed to catch.

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    A very nice bead for chod fishing, I haven’t encountered any problems yet and the leader rotates freely around the bead.

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    Also the set in the picture is great, can you send products or instructions on how to make such a set?

  6. Marian

    Here it is nicely shown that this bead is only suitable for fishing line, because for leadcore it is too small. I mean it has too small eyelets. That is why if you use it for leadcore I recommend other colour from undercarp.

  7. Ytds_09

    For a pop up kit it works perfectly for me. The set moves nicely on the bead. I always add a swivel with a large eye and put this eye through the bead….The set is reliable for me on muddy bottoms.

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