Covert Q-Rings


Quick Change Rings haben eine sehr breites Einsatzspektrum beim Angeln. Wir können es erfolgreich zum Verbinden von Elementen sowohl in Endgame als auch in anderen Bereichen des Angelns einsetzen.

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    The next accessories that go into my box, tzreba prepare for the season, although so far the weather is average.

    • undercarp

      In particular, a long weekend in May will not be very good when it comes to the weather at least in our Swietokrzyskie and Lubelskie raining all day since yesterday.

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    Good quality product 5/5

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    Good wheels at least they do not catch rust like other manufacturers.

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    A great idea to connect carp sets, thanks to which we have additional joints on leaders.

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    Super photos you have added.

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    I also use it to replace leaders. I don’t use a swivel to change leaders but this ring + a buffer bead and it masks and hides the ring beautifully.

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    4 from me – nothing to complain about but could be a bit cheaper.

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