Blow Out Tube 1.0 mm – Green


Der Positionierer besteht aus einem vorgefertigten Abschnitt eines haltbaren Rohrs, der unsere Hairs perfekt positioniert und so die Wirkung beim Haken des Fisches erhöht. Wir können damit auch Blow-Back-Rigs herstellen.

25 Stück pro Packung

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    Just out of curiosity I bought them to compare to Nash because they call it there: Blow Out Tube Large and it’s the same thing, in my opinion it’s no different. But it is always the same amount of money in your pocket. Of course you could make it yourself, but it costs a bit of work and cutting it into such small sections is not very easy. Have you thought about introducing it in several sizes. I’ve tested it on your hooks and it fit all of them so it seems to be universal but how will it fit on other hooks.

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